About Us

Journal of Nepal Public Health Association (JNEPHA) an official, peer reviewed, public health journal of the Nepal Public Health Association since 1998. It is published annually and it will be continuing tri annually from 2013 as open access journal and publishes articles on the following category: Editorial message, Original Article, Review Article, Case Report, Public Health Education and Code, Viewpoint and Letter to the Editor.

The journal publishes articles related to researches done in the field of public health sciences and allied sciences related to all the discipline of the medical sciences, Social health issues, health system, environmental health, health economics, nutrition, microbiology, biochemistry, disease, epidemiological study and many more including ethical and behavioural issues pertaining to health. The journal gives preference to public health oriented studies over analytical and experimental studies. The Journal would publish peer-reviewed original research papers, case reports, systematic reviews and meta-analysis. Editorial, Guest Editorial, Viewpoint and letter to the editor are solicited by the editorial board.

Goal of JNEPHA

The goal of JNHEPA is to increase the behavioural change in study of journal and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly articles thereby promoting their increased usage and impact in public health development intervention. To achieve goal of JNEPHA the necessary objective is listed

  1. To provide the open access scientific journal on public health to all readers
  2. To increase the article reading and analysis among the public health professionals and in academia sectors
  3. To give the prospect of publication of article in peer reviewed journal
  4. To advocate and lobbying of finding published in journal for necessary modification in intervention level
  5. To coordinate and network to other journal to coverage wide range of readers
  6. Provide the necessary capacity enhance activities for quality journal, scientific writing and scientific editing etc.

 What we publish?

Quality original and innovative research findings are always salute for JNEPHA to receive that have high significance to understand the public health issues for achievement of optimum health standard of people. Review about the public health findings, significant case review or report or series, public health education and code, special viewpoint on health issue, policy or in situation and finally letter to editor about the suggestion or any comment about published articles are also most welcome for JNEPHA publication. Please feel to free to visit our webpage journal.nepha.org.np to know about all the things about the type of article, article template and guideline manuscript or get a copy article.

  1. Full-length papers (5-6 printed pages) and short (2-4 pages) are published across the entire spectrum of public health research. The word public health here incorporates all the part of health and its dimension and determinants including the activities related with primordial, primary, secondary, tertiary, rehabilitative prevention including community medicine, pharmacy, nursing as well.
  2. Single case reports are accepted if it illustrates a significant implication.
  3. Reviews on most recent public health situation and public health issues will encourage for submission.
  4. Good quality review or assessment or appraisal especially the ones which have compared the findings with similar and contrasting situations, and the ones which have more implications are encouraged.
  5. Letters to editor is matters arising from published material are published at the editor's discretion.

Note: JNEPHA will not take any type of submission charges. JNEPHA will provide free access not only article publication but also read and take a cope of article.