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Category: Volume 6|issue 1| No 6| Jan.-June 2015
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Year: 2015
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Telemedicine and E-health in Nepal


Information systems support to reduce the disparity in health care that exist in urban and rural areas. Itimproves the health care services and  coordination at different levels. Health information systems provide the tools to capture, store,  process and communicate health care information .1 Telemedicine and e-health is growing both in developed aswell as in developing countries and has remained as an integral part of  the health care delivery system. It includes different health activities and medical services that take place at a distance.2 In the developing countries, it supports to improve the accessibility, quality and efficiency of the healthcare services and also reduces the cost of service.2, 3It also supports to improve the administrative as well as technical aspect of healthcare system. Similarly, it also supports to connect the healthcare facilities with the healthcare professionals and reduce the geographical and physical barriers .4The World Health Organization (WHO) has mentioned tele-medicine and e-health as a possible information system that can improve the quality and reduce the cost of health care services.5

In developing countries there are various challenges to implement the telemedicine and e-health services.  The studies show that mostly the human and organizational factors have remained as the barrier to effectively implement the telemedicine and e-health activities.6 In rural areas there is scarcity of the health workers so while they get involved in the telemedicine and e-health activities it also increases their work burden.1 Similarly, other factors such as lack of proper awareness of the technology, social and cultural environment and acceptance of service users and high staff turnover have remained as challenges.7,8Hence, to improve the status of telemedicine and e-health programs, the involved health workers should be well prepared and educated on the new technology and about its purpose and benefits.1


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