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Introduction: There is an enormous selfishness present in human beings which leads to all kinds of miseries and ills in society. 1 Mental, and neurological (MN) disorders are linked in a complex way with many other health conditions. Neuro-psychiatric ailments are present in the majority of the population, but these problems remain in hidden stage due to existing stigma in the Nepalese society. Medication  (a mental exercise based on Vedic Mantras) treatment of anxiety is an effective  generally safe and effective and is often used in conjunction with therapy.

Methods: Quasi-Experimental study was carried out among the patients with Neuro-psychiatric problems visited in Unique Meditation Center, Kathmandu. Total 107 participants were selected by probability purposive sampling technique. Pre and post test data were collected by face to face interview using a pre-tested structured questionnaire (based on Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale of 0-4 score)after taking the ethical clearance fromNepal Health Research Council (NHRC). The data were analyzed using appropriate statistical tools in SPSS-20. Effectiveness of the treatment outcome was measured in good, moderate and poor categories with a level of significance p< 0.05.

Results: Total 107 participants (71% male and 29% female) having age range 16 to 84 (Mean ± SD: 36.4 ±11. 6 years) were involved in the study. More than half (57 %) of the participants were found to be felt severe anxiety problems before intervention which was reduced to 20.6 % after meditation. There was found a  significant improvement on all types of anxiety problems like  Anxious mode (t=51.06, P=0.001), Tension faced (t=38.67,P=0.001), Fear faced (t=36.07, P=0.001), Insomnia faced (t=19.47, P=0.001), Intellectual problem (t=28.19, P=0.001), Depressed mood (t=40.62, P=0.001), Somatic Muscular problems (t=33.89, P=0.001), Somatic sensory problem (t=31.36, P=0.001), Cardiovascular problems(t=24.26, P=0.001), Respiratory symptoms (t=37.32, P=0.001), Gastrointestinal problems (t=21.23, p=0.001), Genitourinary symptoms (t=23.11, P=0.001) and autonomic symptoms (t=19.47, P=0.001). About 76.0% were found to be felt the good effect of meditation technique.

 Conclusion: Nearly three- fifth (57 %) of the participants were found to be felt severe anxiety problems before intervention which was reduced to 20.6 % after meditation. A significant improvement (76 % felt better effect) was found in all types of anxiety problemsdue to meditation.  Different types of meditation techniques in scientific and systematic manner might be effective to reduce the mental health problems like anxiety disorder in Nepal. Hence, meditation centers are needed to be expanded throughout the country as an alternative medicine.


Download Full paper:The Effect of ‘Chaitanya Prazolan’ Meditation Techniques on Selected Neuro-psychiatric Ailments among the Patients Attending in Unique Meditation Center, Kathmandu






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