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Category: Volume 6|issue 1| No 6| Jan.-June 2015
Pages: 11
ISBN: 2392-4098
Year: 2015
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Note: Volume: Volume 6|issue 1| No 6| Jan.-June 2015





Background:  The concepts of human rights, reproductive rights and women’s rights have been expanded towards women’s issues. This debate has become pertinent owing to the fact that women are still being exploited in the form of social-cultural practices and rigid gender roles. For instance, menstruation is a normal physiological of women, in spite of this, sociocultural violence is evident through the practice of Chhaupadi Pratha in Nepal. The aim of this study was to identify the socio-cultural practices towards the Chhaupadi Pratha and explore what forms of violence women have gone through.

Methods: A cross sectional descriptive study was carried out among reproductive age group women residing in far-western region of Nepal  applying the mix method (Face to face interview for quantitative data and Focus Group Discussion and in-depth interview for qualitative data).  

Results: Women are perceived impure and polluted during the menstruation and they are segregated in a separate place away from home called ‘Chhaupadi Gotha’ which isunhygienic and insecure. They are not permitted to take care of their personal hygiene, nutritional food and living conditions, but are forced to do hard physical work outside the house. They are treated as untouchables and kept outside from their houses and other family members to maintain purity of humans, trees, animals, homes, and public water sources, public and religious places. They are not caring by another family member even got ill.

Conclusion: Women are victimized in the form of Chhaupadi Pratha due to socio-cultural practice as a belief of menstruating women is ‘impure’ and ‘polluted’ and behave as inhumanness, untouchable, unhygienic condition result health and social problems face by women and children.

Key Words: Socio-cultural, Violence, Chhaupadi Pratha, Chhaupadi Gotha, Women’s Health



Download full paper: Chhaupadi Partha: Socio-cultural Violence against Women in the Far- Western Region of Nepal



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