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Background: Depression has been recognized as a major morbidity among medical students and the various factors that have been seriously affected their academic performance and quality of life. It affects not only their health and academic achievement, but also has serious consequences as suicide. The mag-nitude of depression among them is also high. So, the aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of depression among Certificate Level Nursing Students and major factors associated it.


Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted among the nursing students of Balkumari College Chitwan, Nepal. Random sampling method was used to select the college and all students from first to third years were involved in the study. A self administered questionnaire was used to collect the data. A validated Beck Depression Inventory tool was used for determining the level of depression. The level of depression was also classified as minimal disturbances, mild depression, moderate depression and severe depression on the basis of the scores obtained in Beck Depression Inventory tools. The right and confi-dentiality of the respondent was maintained throughout the research and written consent was taken before the interview.


Results: This study revealed that 69.2% of the nursing students were found to be depressed, 40% of them had mild depression, 11.7% moderate and 17% severe depression. There seems a decreasing trend of severe depression from first year to third year, i.e. 42.9% during the first year, 38.1% the second year and 19% the third year. The prevalence of depression was not found significantly associated with years of nursing and interest in learning nursing courses.

Conclusion: The study reveals that there is a high prevalence of depression among the nursing students. Mostly first year nursing students were found to be depressed compared with the students of another year’s. Hence, attempts should be made to alleviate the stressors right from the time they join nursing school.

Key Words: Depression, nursing students, Prevalence


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