Privacy Policy

License to publish:

By submitting your manuscript to JNEPHA, you allow us to publish your work in print and online format. You will not get any benefits from JNEPHA of publication of your articles. With the publication of article, copy right will be attracted. After providing the Article Serial Code (ASC) for publication (including reviewing, revision and editing processes), you may NOT submit your work anywhere else before JNMA editorial board as decides it accepted or rejected. If in case, you want to withdraw your manuscript due to any reason, it is mandatory to submit us a notice of withdrawal (email or written) also mentioning the reason for the same. We hope that such situation never arises.

Open access policy:

JNEPHA is an open access journal, meaning that anyone can freely open, read, save, share the articles published in the journal without any payment by keeping authentic referencing/acknowledgement. There is no charge for the authors and for online viewers/subscribers. Print subscriptions however, require subscription charges (Please refer to the subscription for that).

Plagiarism and Dual Publication:

If material in a submitted article has been published previously or is to appear in part or whole in another publication, the Chief Editor must be informed. If the same paper appears simultaneously elsewhere or has previously been published or appears in a future publication, then the author will be black-listed for the JNEPHA and future articles of the author will be rejected automatically.

Article Ethics:

JNEPHA will give high emphasis for publication to those articles that have been taken ethical clearance or approval letter from the respective ethical board or Institutional review board or from concern council from concerned country (For Nepal; Nepal Health Research Council). The researchers must have followed internationally accepted ethics standard like the Declaration of Helsinki. Every research activities must have a taken defined informed consent from the subject (in case of minor/critical case/critical sample/clinical design etc). JNEPHA is immense to fundamental outlook influencing behavioural related to customs and moral values of the author. JNEPHA is very sincere with principle of ethics is “Do no harm by your action or non-action.”

  • The principle of respect for the dignity of person (Autonomy):
  • The principle of Beneficence:
  • The principle of Non-maleficent
  • The principle of justice:
  • The principle of respect for the Environment: a context of respect for the social, cultural and natural heritage of a society.

Research should be follow below ethical rule for validity of research Ethical Rules

  • Non-exploitation
  • Non Facsimile or Copy
  • Privacy anonymity and confidentiality
  • Respect and protection of autonomy, right and dignity of participants
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Veracity
  • Fidelity
  • Precaution and risk minimization
  • Essentiality
  • Maximization of public interest and of the social justice
  • Knowledge, ability and commitment to do Research:
  • Public domain
  • Totality of responsibility

NHRC developed ethical guidelines on health research in 2001 which is national guidelines for review and approval of research in Nepal. Click here NHRC Ethical guideline

Terms and conditional Provision
The ethically and officially we grant the permission to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full texts of articles available online at freely. But the user need to keep acknowledge/referencing of copying and any more of use of published article, otherwise plagiarism or copyright will be attracted.

The articles published in this journal are protected by copyright which covers translation rights and the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute all of the articles printed in the journal.

All authors must abide to good publication practices and if found to be involved in any kind of misconduct, JNEPHA have right to deal/penalize the article and all the authors, according to the case.

First Part
1. Author must certify that:

  • Author include in above sheet (Any more in another plain sheet) are actively working in research process and the role of author are complicate valid and accurate
  • Agree and certify that the person included in Marked the Number of Corresponding Author is responsible for correspondence for the review process
  • Manuscript represents original and valid work and that neither this manuscript nor one with substantially similar content under my authorship has been published or is being considered for publication elsewhere, except as described in an attachment, and copies of closely related manuscripts are provided; and
  • If requested, I will provide the data or will cooperate fully in obtaining and providing the data on which the manuscript is based for examination by the editors or their assignees

2. Author given final approval of the submitted manuscript for publication procedure.
3. Author and co author participated sufficiently in the work
4. Author must ready to take all responsibility and accountability for
5. No any plagiarism from other
4. To qualify for authorship, s/he must have contributed in at least one of the following to the intellectual content of the manuscript:

Second Part
Author have no any competing interest including financial, relationships, materials and affiliations relevant to published matter.

Competing interests are disclosed in the acknowledgment section of the manuscript or in the references.

Third Part
1.Author must transfer, assign, or otherwise convey all copyright ownership (often for charge also), including all rights incidental thereto, exclusively to the JNEPHA, in the event that such work is published by the JNEPHA

  • Copyright
  • The right to grant permission to republish the article in whole or in part, with or without fee
  • The right to produce preprints or reprints and translate into languages other than English for sale or free distribution and
  • The right to republish the work in a collection of articles in any other mechanical or electronic format

2.To reproduce the article in any form, Author must take prior permission from the Chief Editor of JNEPHA.
3.Corresponding author will responsible to make necessary changes as per the request of the journal.

Fourth Part
The decision of editor will be final regarding the manuscript and publication.

Author must be agree to keep in blacklist author in our system if author published the submitted articles in another journal without any information before the providing of ASC