Submission of the manuscript means the process to send of your articles (Original, Review, Case Report, Public Health Education, View Point and Letter to Editor) in given framework in defined sheet. Submission of article is automatically lending exclusive copyright to JNEPHA.

Please note that, the any article should be in defined format including referencing. The article without in defined frame of manuscript will be rejecting. JNEPHA will not take any further responsibility and keep apologies with rejection.

You should submit your manuscript with

  1. Forwarding letter
  2. Authorship and declaration
  3. Manuscript in defined sheet
  4. Ethical clearance whenever necessary
  5. Resume of first author (No more than 2 pages)
  6. Checklist (Optional)

All these document you could download from manuscript template:

Note: Before submission please check our policy along with right and duties.

You could submit your manuscript through our email or POBox or direct to office through contact

Best wishes for your publication